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Widow Jane Decadence Bourbon Whiskey

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Widow Jane Decadence holds a special place in their lineup. It is a blend of some of their most legendary bourbons that has been finished in Crown Maple's Maple Syrup Barrels. Crown Maple is a premium brand of maple syrup that hails from an artisanal organic maple farm in New York's Hudson Valley. Finishing this blend in ex-maple syrup barrels imparts a distinct flavor and makes for a truly unique drinking experience. The end result is a whiskey that is exceptionally rich and creamy with a prominent sweetness that is as decadent as the name implies.

  • Sugared Pecans, Maple, Birch Beer, Charred OakPalate
  • Vanilla, Burnt Sugar, Cinnamon BarkFinish
  • Brown Sugar, Shortbread, Mellow Tobacco & Old Whiskey