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Sazerac White X Cognac by Quavo

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Size | 750 ml

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Introducing Sazerac White X Cognac by Quavo, a revolutionary collaboration between Grammy-nominated artist Quavo and the globally recognized spirits company, Sazerac. White X Cognac emerges as a groundbreaking addition to the cognac market, distinguishing itself as one of the first and only white cognacs available in the United States, specifically crafted to challenge and redefine the traditional cognac experience​.

Product Overview:

White X Cognac is meticulously crafted using the finest white grapes from the esteemed Cognac region of France. This unique selection undergoes a double distillation process, resulting in a light, gentle, and subtly fruity expression that maintains floral and vanilla notes. With a golden straw color, White X Cognac offers a fresh and light taste on the palate, characterized by gentle white stone fruit, creamy and soft vanilla, and a hint of tannin devoid of bitterness. The finish is smooth, elegant, and exceptionally long for a younger cognac, making it perfect for enjoying neat, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixer​.

Unique Selling Points of Sazerac White X Cognac by Quavo:


  • Innovative White Cognac: One of the first of its kind in the U.S., offering a new drink experience with a smoother, sweeter, and more mixable profile than traditional cognacs.
  • Celebrity Partnership: Quavo's collaboration brings a fresh, modern perspective to the cognac category, appealing to those looking to challenge the status quo and celebrate achievements.
  • Accessibility: Initially launching in select cities with plans for a nationwide rollout, White X Cognac aims to make the luxury of cognac more accessible to a broader audience​.

Tasting Notes:

Enjoy the delicate balance of flavors with intense notes of white and yellow peaches, elegant vanilla, and an undertone of dried rose petals on the nose. The palate is greeted with a symphony of white stone fruit and soft vanilla, culminating in a finish that's meltingly smooth and enduring​.

Sazerac White X Cognac by Quavo Market Introduction:

White X Cognac made its debut with an exclusive release event, signifying Quavo's foray into the spirits industry and marking a new era for cognac lovers. 100 bottles were made available, emphasizing its exclusivity and luxury appeal. Following its debut, White X Cognac will expand its availability across the U.S., starting with major cities and eventually reaching nationwide distribution by June 2024​.

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