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Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye

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Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye is a distinctive ready-to-drink cocktail that offers a unique twist on the classic Manhattan, blending American and Irish whiskey traditions into one harmonious mix. This concoction combines three American Rye Whiskeys and two Irish Whiskeys, enriched with cherry bitters and a splash of cherry juice. This combination results in a rich, complex flavor profile that includes notes of cherry, vanilla, and a hint of mint, which adds a refreshing counterpoint to the deeper whiskey tones.

Bottled at 43% ABV and available in a 750ml size, this limited edition cocktail has been produced in a batch of just 2,000 bottles, making it a rare find for whiskey enthusiasts. The product presentation emphasizes the fusion of robust whiskey flavors with the subtle, sweet, and aromatic nuances brought by the cherry elements, aimed at delivering a balanced and memorable drinking experience. It is recommended to be enjoyed over ice or stirred with ice and strained into a coupe, with a cherry garnish to enhance the sensory experience.