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Harlen D. Wheatley Clix Vodka

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Harlen D. Wheatley Clix Vodka is made using only the finest specimens of soft red winter wheat, plump rye, yellow dent distiller's grade corn and distiller's malted barley, combined with a limestone rich supply of water, the distilling team at Buffalo Trace began a painstaking process of cooking, fermenting and distilling from an original 28,400 gallons of mash, dividing them down and re-distilling over a period of twelve months, resulting in 159 distillations, 332 gallons and 2,000 bottles of vodka. But, before the final bottling took place, the final product rested in a cool and dark stainless steel tank for 12 more months to ensure the smoothest finish before bottling. "But what does the perfect vodka taste like? The Buffalo Trace team describes it as this: HDW Clix vodka is polished and smooth upon entry. It is pleasing on the nose, reminiscent of the essence of fresh nectar. Elegant in style, the exclusive character is a combination of exquisite smoothness and interesting nuance. CLIX finishes quickly and clean making for a delicate, refined and stylish drinking experience. "And of course, the perfect vodka must come in a perfect vessel. Working with Nouvel Studio, the Distillery is offering HDW CLIX in a custom, hand-formed lead free crystal decanter. Taking great pains to truly make this vodka a special keepsake, it arrives in a hand-crafted burl wood case with both a travel stopper and a beautiful crystal stopper for display.

750 ML Bottle