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George Dickel Bottled in Bond

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George Dickel Bottled in Bond - Rooted in authenticity, quality and truth, George Dickel Bottled in Bond Tennessee Whisky is reflective of Cascade Hollow Distilling Co.’s commitment to honestly producing quality whisky. This limited release, finely crafted whisky has the signature George Dickel character with a bolder and more assertive taste at 100 proof. This batch comes from barrels that have been maturing since Fall 2005, and the 13-Year Old oak lends depth and complexity to the whisky, while boasting the balanced fruit forward notes George Dickel is known for. This whisky is best served neat, on the rocks or with brown sugar, bitters and an orange twist for a classic Old Fashioned cocktail. “Bottled In Bond” is a label for American-made distilled beverages that follow a set of legal regulations originally laid out in the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. As a reaction to widespread adulteration in American whisky, the act guaranteed a spirit’s authenticity. These spirits must be aged in a federally bonded warehouse under U.S. government supervision for at least four years, bottled at 100 proof and labeled with the identity of the single distillery where they were distilled, and, if different, where they were bottled. Distilled and charcoal mellowed at Cascade Hollow Distillery, our Bottled in Bond whisky is one-of-a-kind. Please drink responsibly.