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Elijah Craig Combo

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1x Elijah Craig Whisky 94 Proof

This is a great 12-year-old small-batch bourbon named in his honor. 47% abv (97 proof) tasting note: nose: quite thick and full. There is a beautiful sweetness with notes of toasty oak toffee spicy stewed fruits a touch of resin and a lovely creme Anglaise character. Palate: Full and sublimely smooth with notes if stewed Bramley apples malmsey a touch of aniseed and a hint of spice.

1x Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 18 Year

Bottled solely from the contents of one expertly chosen barrel, this expression of Elijah Craig is the pinnacle of Bourbon craftsmanship. Bold, robust, and incredibly complex, 18-Year-Old presents a rare and unique opportunity to sip some of the oldest Bourbon in Kentucky.

1x Larceny Small Batch 92 Proof Bourbon Whiskey

Produced by Heaven Hill, Larceny Bourbon uses wheat as the secondary grain rather than rye. This gives it a smoother flavor than your average bourbon. Larceny is a small batch of bourbon, made using no more than 100 barrels and bottled at a slightly higher 92 proof.