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Don Fulano Reposado

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Don Fulano Reposado embodies the true essence of Don Fulano's character: a harmonious union of mature highland agave and French Limousin oak. This expression boasts a lavish and velvety texture, yet holds an intriguing delicacy and ethereal quality. The essence of cooked agave takes center stage, seamlessly intertwining with a herbal sweetness, nuances of ripe fruit compote, and decadent dark chocolate. A gentle spice note emerges in its graceful finish. Whether enjoyed neat, alongside cuisine, or within a captivating cocktail, this offering is a source of pure delight.

Crafted by the skilled hands of Master Distiller E. Fonseca and artfully blended by S. Mendoza, Don Fulano Reposado originates from mature Maduro and Pinto agaves, harvested during the Jima Media stage. Sourced from the pristine Highlands of Atotonilco, the agaves undergo a meticulous 28 to 32-hour cooking process at a pressure of 0.8 to 1.0 atmospheres. The self-engineered screw press ensures efficient extraction, while an open tank fermentation spanning 72 to 96 hours, fueled by proprietary agave yeast, brings forth unique flavors.

Distilled with precision, this reposado tequila emerges from an 80% copper pot distillation coupled with a 20% Coffey distillation, offering complexity. Maturing gracefully for 8 to 11 months in coveted French Limousin - Nevers casks, sourced from the finest oak, it culminates in a refined masterpiece. Drawing from a natural volcanic spring in Tequila, the water source imparts distinct character.

Don Fulano proudly presents an additive-free tequila, delivering the true essence of agave. Experience the allure of Reposado Tequila, gracefully bottled at 40% ABV in a 750ml presentation. A genuine testament to Mexican craftsmanship and tradition.