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Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe 1794

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Discover the epitome of bourbon innovation with the Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe 1794, a luxurious and meticulously crafted wheated bourbon from the storied Buffalo Trace Distillery. Launched in 2023, this limited edition whiskey is a tribute to the trailblazing spirit of the Weller family, offering a unique tasting experience that honors the rich heritage of bourbon making. Inspired by Daniel Weller's pioneering journey in 1794, this expression explores the impact of different strains of wheat on bourbon, utilizing Emmer wheat, an ancient grain, to create a bourbon with unparalleled depth and complexity.

A Tribute to Bourbon Heritage

Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe 1794 represents a significant milestone in bourbon innovation, inspired by the adventurous spirit of Daniel Weller, who embarked on a momentous voyage down the Ohio River with his family, ultimately settling in Kentucky. This bourbon pays homage to his legacy, embodying the pioneering spirit that has defined the Weller family for generations. Crafted with the same dedication to quality and excellence, this bourbon is a celebration of tradition and innovation.

Crafted with Ancient Emmer Wheat

At the heart of the Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe 1794 is the use of Emmer wheat, an ancient grain that offers a distinct flavor profile compared to the standard wheat varieties used in bourbon production. This choice not only distinguishes this bourbon from others in the Weller lineup but also showcases Buffalo Trace Distillery's commitment to exploring new dimensions of flavor and complexity. Aged on the highest warehouse floors for eight years and bottled at 95 proof, this bourbon delivers a rich and robust tasting experience that is both innovative and deeply rooted in bourbon tradition.

Tasting Notes: A Harmony of Flavors

The Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe 1794 invites connoisseurs on a sensory journey, starting with a light aroma that beautifully combines citrus and oak. The palate is treated to a well-rounded and balanced profile, featuring a medium-long finish that reveals hints of vanilla. The introduction of Emmer wheat contributes to the bourbon's distinctive flavor, offering tasting notes of honey, butterscotch, and a soft woodiness that complement the smooth and delicate character of this exceptional bourbon.

A Limited Edition Masterpiece

As a limited edition release, Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe 1794 is a coveted addition to any bourbon collection, appealing to enthusiasts who appreciate the art of whiskey making and the exploration of unique grain varieties. This bourbon stands as a testament to Buffalo Trace Distillery's innovative spirit and the enduring legacy of the Weller family, offering a rare opportunity to experience a piece of bourbon history.

Celebrate Innovation and Tradition

In purchasing the Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe 1794, bourbon lovers not only acquire a remarkable whiskey but also celebrate the innovative spirit that continues to drive the evolution of bourbon. This expression is a tribute to the pioneers of the bourbon industry, offering a unique and memorable tasting experience that bridges the past and the future of bourbon making.