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Crown Royal Single Malt

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Crafted in the Crisp Canadian Coldness

Crown Royal Single Malt Canadian Whisky stands as a testament to innovation and tradition. Distilled in the Valleyfield Distillery, located in the heart of Canada's cold climate, this whisky leverages the unique northern chill to slow down the aging process. This meticulous approach extracts a symphony of delicate flavors, resulting in a smooth and rich whisky, highlighted by creamy vanilla and a cinnamon spice finish, defining the uncompromising standards of Crown Royal.

A Bold Foray into Single Malt

As Crown Royal's first venture into the realm of single malt whiskies, this limited edition release is aged for an impressive 10 years. Boasting an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40%, it marks a bold step into the revered tradition of single malt whisky, meticulously crafted to captivate the senses and elevate the whisky experience.

The Tasting Journey

A Symphony of Aromas

The journey begins with an inviting aroma of creamy vanilla and ripe, fruity banana, seamlessly intertwined with caramel, crisp apple, and a medley of baking spices. This exquisite bouquet sets the stage for a rich and layered tasting experience.

Complexity on the Palate

Upon tasting, Crown Royal Single Malt Whisky unfolds in layers of complexity. Starting with the smoothness of vanilla and cream, it introduces subtle notes of banana and nuts, weaving through the rich tapestry of flavors. A warming cinnamon spice gradually emerges, leading to a sophisticated finish.

A Lasting Impression

The finish is moderate yet impactful, leaving a spicy linger that invites further contemplation. With each sip, the lingering notes of cinnamon gently fade, beckoning you back for another taste. This single malt whisky is a reflection of Crown Royal's dedication to innovation, distilled from the finest ingredients and aged to perfection.

This Whisky not only represents a new chapter in Crown Royal's storied history but also offers whisky aficionados and newcomers alike a unique opportunity to explore the vast possibilities of Canadian whisky​