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Casa Del Sol Anejo

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Inspired by Mayahuel, the goddess of Tequila, and made by three strong women, proud of their Mexican heritage, Casa Del Sol Añejo Tequila tastes like the gift of goddesses that it is. Made 100% from Blue Weber Agave that is grown sustainably in the Jalisco region, Mexico, this tequila has a base of the richest and sweetest piña in the world. House jimadores hand-select every agave before it is halved, cooked for 8-10 hours, and then crushed to release all of its sugar. Mosto, the alcohol is then distilled twice, first in stainless steel and then in a copper still to achieve the perfect balance between alcohol and flavor. Añejo is then put to rest for 14 months in ex-Cognac barrels, handcrafted from French Limousin Oak. These barrels are known for their loose grain that softens the spirit and further enhances it. Casa del Sol is combining the best Mexican tequila-making techniques with fine French craftsmanship to give us the ultimate experience of luxury. This smooth, extra-deep-flavored spirit should be enjoyed neat, preferably in a place that softens your senses and relaxes your mind. Grab a bottle and get charmed by this luxurious drink today!