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Bowmore Aston Martin Master’s Selection Aged 22 Years 750 ML Bottle

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The second in the series created by Ron Welsh, Master Blender and Marek Reichman Chief Creative Officer. A single malt that captures a harmonizing power both in its presence and in its character.

The two masters come from two different, in many ways opposite, worlds. For one time it's about final, slow pace, for the other time it's about speed and pace, about optimizing and engineering every detail to improve performance. But it is the synchronicity and shared vision that unites them and creates a strong bond that bridges their distinctive worlds.

The whiskey is the epitome of this binding force, bringing two seemingly disparate partners to a place of shared passion and creativity where they can personally leave their indelible mark on the legacy they are forging. Their collective mastery, passion and creativity in turn inspires the single malt with the power to unite people, bringing them together to share their passions and transcending all differences to create unity.

  • SKU: Bowmore-Aston-Martin-Master’s-Selection-Aged-22-Years-750-ML-Bottle
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