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Bookers Uncut & Unfiltered Small Batch “The Storyteller Batch” 2023-04

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Introducing Booker's Uncut & Unfiltered Small Batch "The Storyteller Batch" 2023-04, a meticulously crafted bourbon that honors the legacy of storytelling that runs deep in the Booker's family. This batch is a celebration of the tales that Booker Noe, a legendary figure in bourbon history, could weave about nearly anything, making it an homage to the narratives that have shaped the brand and bourbon culture itself.

"The Storyteller Batch" is a blend of barrels from four distinct production dates, matured in four different warehouses. This intricate selection process includes barrels from the 6th floor of a 7-story warehouse, the 6th floor of a 9-story warehouse, and the 5th floors of both a 9-story and a 7-story warehouse. This careful curation contributes to the bourbon's rich amber color with a golden shine, an inviting visual cue to the quality within​​​​.

On nosing, "The Storyteller Batch" fills the room with the scent of great bourbon, leading with a brown sugar aroma that beckons further exploration. The palate is greeted with a delightful and well-balanced blend of vanilla and wood, crafting a taste profile that's both engaging and reminiscent of a cozy, drizzly September day. This batch, with its perfect warm finish, is ideal for welcoming the cooler days of fall. A touch of water can open up the tasting experience even further, although it's crafted to be enjoyed exactly as you please​​.

Priced at a special rate, "The Storyteller Batch" is not just a bourbon but a testament to the legacy of Booker Noe and his vision when creating the Booker's brand over thirty years ago. It's designed to be savored while recounting stories, much like Booker himself would have enjoyed. This batch, with its engaging narrative and exquisite bourbon craftsmanship, invites you to be part of the ongoing story of Booker's Bourbon​.