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Booker's Uncut & Unfiltered Small Batch "The Lumberyard Batch" 02/2022

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Buy Booker's Uncut & Unfiltered Small Batch "The Lumberyard Batch" 02/2022

Explore the rich legacy of bourbon with Booker's Uncut & Unfiltered Small Batch "The Lumberyard Batch" 02/2022, a distinguished addition to the Booker’s Bourbon 2022 Collection. This exceptional bourbon, named in honor of Booker Noe’s formative years before his illustrious career in distilling, encapsulates the essence of dedication and passion. "The Lumberyard Batch" is a tribute to the hard work and determination that Booker Noe invested during his early years at The Lumberyard, an experience that significantly shaped his approach to bourbon making.

Crafted during the anticipative weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby, "The Lumberyard Batch" features a beautiful amber color that evokes the competitive spirit of the racetrack. Its aroma is rich with deep hints of vanilla and oak, inviting enthusiasts to explore its multifaceted depth. The palate offers a balanced taste, characterized by a touch of sweetness and a pleasant finish that beckons for another sip. This batch, pulled at 95 proof, reflects a commitment to uncut and unfiltered bourbon making, ensuring a robust and authentic whiskey experience​​​​​​.

"The Lumberyard Batch" is the second release of the Booker’s Bourbon 2022 Collection, standing as a proud testament to Booker Noe's pre-distillery journey. While his path to becoming a master distiller was not direct, it ultimately led him to his true calling, leaving an indelible mark on the bourbon industry. This 750 ML bottle of bourbon not only honors his legacy but also delivers a liquid experience that is deeply connected to his early life's work