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Booker's Uncut & Unfiltered Small Batch “Boston Batch” 2020-02

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Buy Bookers Uncut & Unfiltered Small Batch “Boston Batch” 2020-02

Explore the rich and bold world of Booker's Uncut & Unfiltered Small Batch "Boston Batch" 2020-02, a tribute to the distilling beginnings of the legendary Booker Noe in Boston, Kentucky. With a heritage deeply rooted in the Jim Beam distilling legacy, this batch is celebrated for embodying the robust and high-proof qualities Booker's is renowned for. Distilled by Beam Suntory at the Jim Beam Distillery, this release from July 2020 captivates with its 126.5 proof strength and an aging process of 6 years, 3 months, and 10 days, showcasing a commitment to quality and depth of flavor.

Booker's "Boston Batch" 2020-02: A Legacy in Every Sip

Distinctive Profile

The "Boston Batch" presents a nose infused with fresh nuts and bananas foster, accented by a slight spice that invites a deeper exploration into its complex character. On the palate, a large dose of spice merges seamlessly with sweet vanilla, baking spice, and a robust oaky presence, leading to a finish that combines oak, leather, and hints of nuts with a touch of vanilla, culminating in bold heat that defines its unapologetically strong character​.

A Deep Dive into Tasting Notes

The visual appeal of the "Boston Batch" is matched by its intricate tasting notes. Eyes are greeted with a deep burgundy color, setting the stage for a sensory journey. The aroma is a rich tapestry of peanut butter fudge, oak, hay, and savory herbs, with hints of menthol and smoked meats weaving through. The palate echoes the nose's complexity, delivering peanut butter fudge, oak, and a medley of baking spice and complex fruit flavors. The finish is long, highlighting peanut butter fudge and oak, with an additional blend of nuts, spice, and herbal savory notes, ensuring a memorable and indulgent bourbon experience​.

Celebrating the Boston Legacy

Named after the production site where Booker Noe began his illustrious distilling career, the "Boston Batch" is a nod to the foundational experiences that shaped the bourbon industry. This batch not only continues the tradition of bold, high-proof pours but also stands as a testament to the Booker’s commitment to producing complex and richly flavored bourbons. It's a celebration of the legacy of Booker Noe, encapsulated in a bourbon that pleases enthusiasts of the brand and those seeking a bold, high-proof pour​.

For bourbon lovers looking to explore the depths of flavor and tradition, the Booker's "Boston Batch" 2020-02 offers a compelling narrative wrapped in a bottle. Its complex profile and strong character make it a must-try for those appreciating the craftsmanship behind uncut and unfiltered bourbon. Whether savoring it neat or on the rocks, this batch promises an unforgettable bourbon journey, embodying the essence of what makes Booker’s a revered name in the world of whiskey.