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1792 Bottled in Bond Bourbon

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Explore the bold legacy of craftsmanship with 1792 Bottled in Bond Bourbon, a testament to the enduring American spirit of quality and integrity. Crafted under the rigorous standards set forth in the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897, this distinguished bourbon offers a glimpse into the historic commitment to excellence that defines our distillery. Each batch is a celebration of tradition, delivering an authentic bourbon experience that's both unique and timeless.

1792 Bottled in Bond Bourbon: Where Tradition Meets Excellence

Volume: 750ml
Alcohol by Vol: 50% (100 proof)

The Spirit of Excellence:

1792 Bottled in Bond Bourbon is a harmonious blend of rich history and meticulous craftsmanship. Distilled in a single season, aged for a minimum of four years, and bottled at 100 proof, this bourbon adheres to the time-honored standards that have been a hallmark of quality for over a century. It embodies the dedication to craftsmanship and the uncompromising standards that are the soul of our distillery.

Tasting Journey:

On the nose, 1792 Bottled in Bond Bourbon unfolds with layers of caramel, toasted oak, and hints of vanilla, setting the stage for a robust and engaging tasting experience. The palate is greeted with a complex harmony of sweet vanilla, spicy rye, and a touch of dried fruit, leading to a rich and full-bodied texture. The finish is long, smooth, and distinctly satisfying, leaving a memorable warmth and a desire for the next sip.

Crafted with Passion:

Each bottle of 1792 Bottled in Bond Bourbon is the result of unwavering attention to detail and a passion for achieving the highest standards of quality. This bourbon is a reflection of our distillery's commitment to producing only the finest spirits, using traditional methods and the best ingredients. It's not just bourbon—it's a piece of American history, bottled and sealed for your enjoyment.

A Symbol of Distinction:

1792 Bottled in Bond Bourbon is not merely a drink; it's a statement of excellence and tradition. Whether enjoyed on its own, over ice, or as the foundation of a classic bourbon cocktail, it delivers a taste experience that is both profound and satisfying. It's the perfect choice for those who appreciate the depth and integrity of true bottled-in-bond bourbon.

Celebrate with 1792 Bottled in Bond Bourbon:

Join us in honoring the spirit of America's distilling heritage with this bottle. From its rich aroma to its compelling taste and smooth finish, this bourbon is designed to be savored and celebrated. It's more than just a bourbon—it's a tribute to the timeless principles of quality and integrity that define the very best of American whiskey.