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Eagle Rare 10: The Bourbon That Soars Above the Rest

October 24 2023

eagle rare 10
eagle rare 10

In the world of rare whiskey, where enthusiasts constantly seek the next exceptional sip, one name soars above the rest: Eagle Rare 10. This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is not just a drink; it's an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Imagine the thrill of sipping on a whiskey that has clinched the double gold medal five times at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Eagle Rare 10 has earned its place among the finest spirits on the planet.

Buffalo Trace and the Rare Whiskey Legacy

The story of Eagle Rare 10 is intertwined with the legacy of Buffalo Trace Distillery, where craftsmanship meets artistry. Produced and distilled by Buffalo Trace, this bourbon is carefully aged for no less than a decade, a testament to the dedication of the master distillers who hand-select each barrel for its unique character and flavors.

The moment you bring Eagle Rare 10 to your lips, you'll be greeted by a complex nose, a symphony of toffee, hints of orange peel, herbs, honey, leather, and oak. It's as if the very essence of Kentucky's rich history and natural beauty has been captured in a bottle. The taste is equally captivating, with bold, dry, oaky flavors complemented by notes of candied almonds and rich cocoa. This is a bourbon that knows how to leave an impression, a mark on your palate that lingers like a cherished memory.

Buffalo Trace: Where Eagle Rare Finds Its Wings

It's not just the Eagle Rare 10's taste that makes it exceptional; it's the history behind the label. In the 1970s, when American whiskey was facing uncertain times, a new era of drinkers was turning away from the traditional spirits of their parents. Clear, unaged spirits like vodka were in vogue, and whiskey was seen as a relic of the past. That's when Charles Beam, a grandnephew of the legendary Jim Beam, recognized an opportunity. He introduced Eagle Rare 10 Year as a luxury spirit, a way to reintroduce bourbon to a new generation.

Legacy Takes Flight

Charles Beam's vision paid off, and despite the tumultuous times for the whiskey industry, Eagle Rare managed to not only survive but thrive. In 1989, the brand was acquired by the Sazerac Company, which eventually led to Eagle Rare finding its home at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in 1992. This distillery, nestled close to the Kentucky River, provides the pure limestone-filtered water that contributes to Eagle Rare's exceptional quality.

A Whiskey That Evolves

Eagle Rare 10 has never been afraid to embrace change while staying true to its roots. In 2005, the bottling proof was lowered to 90, emphasizing its status as a single barrel bourbon. The bottle's design was revamped in 2012, placing the 10-year age statement discreetly on the back. These changes were not just about aesthetics but also about ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience for every pour.

The Secret Mash Bill

One of the mysteries that adds to Eagle Rare's allure is its closely guarded mash bill. While the exact recipe remains undisclosed, we do know that it belongs to Buffalo Trace's Mash Bill #1, rumored to contain around 10 percent rye. This unique combination of grains gives Eagle Rare its signature flavor profile.

Aged to Perfection in Alligator Char Barrels

Eagle Rare's journey to perfection includes aging in white oak No. 4 "alligator char" barrels. These barrels are exposed to an open flame, creating deep ridges in the wood, reminiscent of an alligator's back. This unique process ensures that each barrel imparts the same rich flavor and character to the bourbon.

Explore the Rare Expressions

Eagle Rare offers more than just the 10-year classic. If you're looking for something truly extraordinary, consider the Double Eagle Very Rare, a 20-year-old limited edition bourbon with a luxurious presentation. Or, opt for the Eagle Rare 17 Year, a bourbon aged to perfection and released in small quantities each fall, offering a nutty and savory aroma with delightful baking spice notes.

The Price of Rarity: Why It's Hard To Find Eagle Rare 10

Eagle Rare bourbons are allocated spirits, which means they can be challenging to find. Despite a suggested retail price of around $40 for Eagle Rare 10 Year, its off-market value can reach heights of $150 or more. Eagle Rare 17 Year, with a retail price of around $99, can fetch thousands in the resale market. The rarity and exceptional quality make Eagle Rare a coveted prize for whiskey collectors and enthusiasts.

More Than Just a Drink; It's a Journey Through Time

In the world of bourbon, Eagle Rare 10 is more than just a drink; it's a journey through time, a testament to craftsmanship, and a symbol of the enduring spirit of American whiskey. So, whether you're a seasoned bourbon aficionado or a curious novice, embark on your own adventure with Eagle Rare 10. Explore its complexity, savor its rich flavors, and relish in the rarity that sets it apart in the world of whiskey.

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Get a taste of Eagle Rare 10 here. This is not just a bottle of bourbon; it's an invitation to an unforgettable experience. Cheers to the soaring spirit of Eagle Rare 10!


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