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Blanton's 750 vs. 700: Unraveling the Whiskey Enigma

November 03 2023

Blanton's 750 vs. 700: Unraveling the Whiskey Enigma
Blanton's 750 vs. 700: Unraveling the Whiskey Enigma

Looking for Blanton's 750?

In the world of rare and exquisite spirits, there exists a mystique that surrounds Blanton's, a name that resonates with collectors and connoisseurs alike. Think of "Blanton's 750" as the hidden treasure map that leads you to elusive gems, and "Blanton's 700" as the tantalizing riddle waiting to be solved. At My Bev Store, we're your passport to the intoxicating world of fine liquors, and today, we're going on a journey, Anthony Bourdain style, to uncover the secrets behind these coveted variations of Blanton's.

Blanton's 750

The Quest for the Elixir of Kings

Imagine stepping into a dimly lit speakeasy, where whispers of the finest bourbon echo through the air. In this clandestine world, the 750ml version of Blanton's Original Single Barrel bourbon is not just a bottle; it's a treasure chest of refinement and sophistication. This spirit, known for its silky, smooth texture, embodies the mystique of Blanton's. But what sets it apart from its smaller, 700ml sibling?

The Origins: An Odyssey of Bourbon

To understand the difference between Blanton's 750 and 700, we must embark on a journey to the past. Picture yourself in a smoky distillery, where bourbon history is etched into every oak barrel. Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon was born in 1984, a creation of the wise and weathered Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee. He drew inspiration from his days working under Colonel Albert B. Blanton, a bourbon legend.

Craftsmanship: The Art of Whiskey Alchemy

Now, imagine artisans toiling away, crafting bourbon with the precision of a surgeon and the heart of an artist. Blanton's is hand-crafted from the finest grains, using Buffalo Trace Distillery's higher rye #2 bourbon mashbill. It matures in the legendary Warehouse H, a metal-clad sanctuary for optimal aging. The bottles, with collectible toppers spelling out "B-L-A-N-T-O-N-'S," have become symbols of craftsmanship and heritage.

The Great Showdown

Blanton's 750 vs. 700! As we venture deeper into the bourbon labyrinth, it's time to unveil the differences between Blanton's 750 and 700:

Size: The Dance of the Bottles

In the world of spirits, size does matter. Blanton's 750 arrives in the standard 750ml bottle, an embodiment of classic elegance. On the other hand, Blanton's 700 plays the role of the enigmatic rebel, standing at 700ml. But is there more to this difference than meets the eye?

Proof: The Fiery Heartbeat

Bourbon lovers, brace yourselves for the proof. Blanton's 750, at 93 proof, delivers a balanced symphony of flavors. In contrast, Blanton's 700, with its higher 103 proof, cranks up the intensity, promising an adventure for those with a fiery spirit.

Exploring Blanton's Varieties: A World Tour in a Bottle

Blanton's isn't just about sizes and proofs; it's a whirlwind global tour of flavors and releases:

Black Edition: A Noir Adventure

With its label dressed in black, the Black Edition, at 80 proof, stands as a rare treasure in the bourbon universe.

Red Takara Japanese Edition Bourbon: A Journey to the East

Imagine sipping a bourbon with a red label, beckoning you to explore its 93 proof character—an homage to the diverse tapestry of Blanton's creations.

Silver Edition: A Shining Star

The Silver Edition, boasting a silver label, captivates at 98 proof, showcasing the versatility within Blanton's portfolio.

Gold Edition: A True Gem

The Gold Edition, a formidable 103 proof, serves as a testament to the pinnacle of Blanton's craftsmanship and excellence.

Why Blanton's Is Top Shelf: A Culinary Epiphany

In a world flooded with options, Blanton's remains perched atop the highest shelf. Exclusive to Top Shelf Wine and Spirits, it represents the creed of quality over quantity—a philosophy that defines Blanton's legacy.

A Premium Collection

As we untangle the enigma of Blanton's 750 and 700, we unearth a world of diversity within Blanton's collection. It's not just bourbon; it's a journey filled with mystery, history, and flavors that sing stories of craftsmanship and dedication. At My Bev Store, we're your tour guides through this world, one bottle at a time. So, whether you're drawn to the elegance of Blanton's 750 or the fiery intensity of Blanton's 700, join us on this adventure—a journey that promises discovery, just as Anthony Bourdain did in the culinary world. Cheers to the spirit of exploration!


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